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VIDEO: We put the 578kW SM17 Mustang to the test in the MOTOR Shootout

By Cameron Kirby, 18 Feb 2021 Events

It has the name of a Supercar legend on the boot, but is that enough to make this Mustang a track weapon?

VIDEO: We put the 578kW SM17 Mustang to the test in the MOTOR Shootout

Time to answer the question: ‘will adding crazy amounts of power make me faster at the track?’

Our tool for this experiment is the Ford Mustang SM17 by Herrod Performance – a supercharged version of the already impressive Blue Oval coupe.

The figures are staggering – 578kW and 810Nm – making this the most powerful vehicle compete at MOTOR’s Performance Car of the Year… ever.

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But, as the saying goes, power is nothing without control. To try and reign in this wild pony we have race ace Karl Reindler.

It was a scorching day at Winton when we conducted testing, resulting in some cooling issues for the high-powered monster. However, Reindler was still able to get a lap in, setting a time of 1:33.7, seeing it vault into second place on the MOTOR Shootout leaderboard.

“It’s the only one I think I was just a slight bit intimidated by jumping into,” Reindler said following his hot lap.

“Leaving pit exit, it actually put the power down quite well.

“I mean it’s wild don’t get me wrong – but it wasn’t as much of a shock to the system as I was expecting.

“It’s very capable; it’s got a really stiff platform which is fantastic. A little bit of understeer through the hairpins but I only got one lap in which is the frustrating thing about it.

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“You’ve got to be so patient trying to put the power down with – whatever it is, 800-odd horsepower – underneath your right foot. I may have left some big juicy liquorice strips out of the last corner to start my lap – I was a bit eager to get my lap going.”

Make sure to check back next week to see how the Mercedes-AMG A45 S fares in the MOTOR Shootout.