The top 5 fastest Aussie cars to 100km/h

These are the quickest home-grown cars to hit the tonne

2017  Walkinshaw W557

If you want to buy one of the fastest Aussie cars MOTOR has ever tested, you’re in luck. Two of them are on sale now.

But if you’ve got yourself an FG-based FPV, we know a few folks who can help you out with that.

MOTOR recently tested the fastest Aussie car it’s ever had the honour of fanging, and it made us wonder how the ‘top 5 to 100km/h’ list actually looks.

So, quick as we can…

1. 2017 Walkinshaw W557 GTS – 3.81s

2017-Walkinshaw-W557-driving.jpgWith 557kW (duh) and 930Nm at its disposal, it’s not a huge surprise that the Walkinshaw W557 is the fastest Aussie car MOTOR has ever tested to 100km/h.

In just 3.81 seconds, the Walky will hit highway speeds, which is quick enough to embarrass a $295K BMW M4 GTS. Ouch.

That said, the Walky only holds the 100km/h sprint record, the quarter-mile winner wears a different badge…

2. KPM Motorsport’s Streetfighter FPV GT-E – 3.83s

KPM Motorsport’s Streetfighter FPV GT-E rearThe quarter-mile honours go to the Streetfighter FPV GTE tested at Hot Tuner 2012. While it trailed the W557 by a mere 0.02sec to 100km/h it more than made up the difference over 400m with a stonking 11.54sec effort.

Trap speeds sadly weren't published that year, but it would have had to be in the 205km/h region – serious speed.

3. KPM Motorsport’s Streetfighter VE GTS – 3.91s

KPM Motorsport’s Streetfighter VE GTS exteriorAnother Streetfighter effort sits in third place behind the W557 on our all Aussie speed list, a supercharged VE GTS that clocked 3.91sec to 100km/h and an 11.82sec quarter mile, again at Hot Tuner 2012.

4. HSV Maloo GTSR – 4.14s

2017-HSV-Maloo-GTSR.jpgThis is the fastest standard Aussie car we’ve ever tested, since HSV isn’t technically a tuner. With a raucous supercharged LSA under the bonnet pumping out 435kW and 740Nm, you’ll be asking yourself whether a W1 is really worth it.

5. Herrod Falcon G6E Turbo – 4.31s

Herrod Falcon G6E Turbo frontOur second-fastest Falcon ever represents the turbo six brigade, Herrod's G6ET clocking 0-100km/h in 4.31sec and a 12.35sec quarter at 188.06km/h at Hot Tuner 2009. With 286rwkW, we’re not surprised one of Herrod’s own made it onto this list.


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