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Roothy's Best Bush Cooking Vids of 2016

By Tristan Tancredi, 29 Dec 2016 Bush Cooking

Roothy's Best Bush Cooking Vids of 2016

The five most popular Bush Cooking videos of 2016.

Roothy's gas stove got a thorough workout this year as he put on a feast with his weekly Bush Cooking segments.

From pork chops to chilli beef and apple spring rolls, Roothy ticked off every meal of the day. The best thing about Roothy’s recipes is that they’re so simple, anyone without any cooking talent can still put a decent meal together.

Don’t worry if you missed any of Roothy’s spectacular culinary creations, as we’ve compiled the five most popular Bush Cooking videos of 2016.

Number 5:
Kicking off the list is a delicious fire-cooked chicken with mushroom dish. Check out the video to learn how to make a camp meal with just chicken breast, Vegeta, mushrooms, butter and a pit oven.

Number 4:
Chili prawns are guaranteed to be a winner on that next family excursion to the bush, and Roothy’s take on them is sure to please.

Number 3:
When travelling in a big group, hot dogs are a great and easy way to feed the troops. So the crew at Opposite Lock took a break from tinkering with Roothy’s rigs to dine on some Kraut Dogs.

Number 2:
Scotch eggs are the perfect campsite meal. Why? Because they’re filling, easy to make and taste sensational!

Number 1:
The Bush Cooking video that got the most clicks in 2016 was another breakfast dish: Roothy’s hash browns. Maybe it topped the list because it’s a simple, hearty way to kick off a day in the bush, perhaps it’s just because they’re delicious.