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NOCO GB70 jump starter and Sherpa 4x4 recovery ropes: new 4x4 products

By Justin Walker, 12 May 2019 Outdoors

NOCO GB70 jump starter Sherpa 4x4 recovery ropes gear

New equipment to keep you out of the rut and on the track.

GETTING stuck in a 4x4 when touring is part and parcel of the lifestyle, so it’s essential to prepare for all forms of failures. Here’s a jump starter and recovery ropes to get you on your way.

NOCO GB70 Boost HD jump starter

This compact, high-output jump starter is designed to safely jump-start a dead battery in a high-displacement petrol or diesel engine (up to 8.0-litre and 6.0-litre respectively) in seconds. The GB70 weighs just over 2kg and its light weight, small size makes it ideal for storing permanently in your 4x4.

The GB70 adds the convenience of USB out/in and 12V out/in terminals so you can charge your phone or tablet, lights, and more. NOCO claims up to 40 jump starts per charge and it features spark proof and reverse polarity protection.

Charging times are a claimed 15 minutes when charging a battery that is dead flat (zero charge) for a jump-start, and you can have the vehicle battery fully charged in a claimed time of just over two hours. Impressive stuff.

Website: www.no.co

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Sherpa 4x4 Kinetic recovery ropes 

Sherpa 4x4’s new kinetic recovery ropes offer a minimum 30 per cent stretch to ensure that sling-shot effect necessary for an effective recovery that doesn’t damage the stuck vehicle with any jolting or jerking.

The rope itself is constructed of double-braided nylon and the rope eye includes a protective coating for maximum durability. The rope is also UV/abrasion and chemical resistant and is clearly labelled with its rating. The 22mm recovery rope has a minimum breaking strain rating of 13,300kg so well within the recommended rating of three times your rig’s GVM. The 38mm recovery rope offers a huge 33,600kg rated MBS.

Both ropes measure 9m in length. There’s even a wet/dry carry bag for the rope, meaning it can be packed neatly in the back of your rig without getting tangled or taking up too much storage space.

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RRP: $229 (9m x 22mm); $449 (9m x 38mm)