WhichCar Weekly episode 53 now live

Affordable performance car dreams to some of the most unaffordable fast cars in history

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As motor journalists, we are happy to talk about the high-performance cars you should buy... often without being asked in the first place. But the fundamental flaw in our ‘if it were our money’ argument is it never is our money.

On todays chat, Andy, Dan and Scott discuss how to create the best driver’s car for no more than $30,000 - this is the first WCW built-not-bought challenge and it probably won't be the last.

After we all propose the most obvious and ‘sensible’ solution, independent thinking prevails and some truly ridiculous suggestions are put forward. You may even see them come to fruition as it was close to beer-o-clock.

With the subject of affordable driver’s cars fresh in our minds, we turn the attention to the polar opposite of the spectrum, and a brand that doesn’t get a huge amount of airtime on WCW but we’ve vowed to change that.

Easy to pronounce but utterly impossible to spell, Koneing… Coneg… Konnn…what is this enigmatic Swedish company, where has it come from, and how has it lasted where so many others have failed?

From the insanity of the very first CC8, Koenigsegg has maintained its disruptive and innovative trajectory through brilliant technology that always results in fantastically fast and beautiful machines.

A recent revelation though, suggests the company is heading in the direction of a new ‘affordable’ entry-point previewed by the Raw concept. If only journalists had the kind of cash Koenigsegg considers 'affordable', because our DIY pet projects would be a lot more impressive.

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