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WhichCar Weekly podcast episode 55 | rally special

By Daniel Gardner, 09 May 2020 Podcast

Molly Taylor Subaru WRX PRC

We welcome Australian rally champion Molly Taylor to this WCW special episode

Scott has a bee in his carbon-fibre bonnet. Apparently, WRC fans have decided who is the world’s best rally driver in history and, according to our resident rally expert, they are wrong.

Andy attempts to provide some other possibilities from his encyclopaedic tomes and a little extracurricular reading, while the extent of Dan’s Raleigh experience is a 1990 Lizard that he really wanted when he was 10.

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So what better way to settle the argument than by welcoming 2016 Australian Rally champion Molly Taylor to the WhichCar Weekly chat, to discuss who she feels deserves the title as the best rally pilot of them all?

Join the WCW team plus a rally legend to hear Scott’s revised top-ten best rally drivers to date and see if Molly agrees.

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Later, the chat turns to future rally heroes and heroines, and what change we might see in the top three.

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