MOTOR’s Top 10 Quickest Cars of 2017

Each year the numbers on the list get smaller and smaller

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We meant to do this list last year but, um, er, forgot, but the last time we remembered, in 2015, the fastest car that year - the Porsche 911 GT3 - would only be sixth on this year's list.

Just a note, this list only includes cars we have independently tested over the past 12 months, so as much as we'd love there to be, there's no Bugatti Chiron etc. So without any further ado, here's MOTOR's 10 fastest cars of 2017.

10. Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

0-100km/h 4.09sec 0-400m 12.05sec @ 194.21km/h

In a three-car comparison with its main German rivals, the Alfa established itself as the straight-line king thanks to strong off-the-line traction, a broad torque spread and super-short gearing.


0-100km/h 4.14sec 0-400m 12.03sec @ 195.55km/h

As you'd hope given its price premium, the M4 GTS knocked out the fastest times we've ever extracted from an M car. It also sounds insane, with a vicious straight-six rasp overlaid with booms and hisses from the turbos. Fastest times recorded without launch control.

8. Streetfighter SFP700S

0-100km/h 4.19sec 0-400m 11.73sec @ 211.11km/h

Probably the most powerful car on this list, if this was a 100-200km/h chart the Streetfighter would be sitting at number one. During our Modified Mustang Shootout the SFP700S was launched gingerly in second gear but once rolling was unstoppable.

7. Walkinshaw W557

0-100km/h 3.81sec 0-400m 11.69sec @ 201.56km/h

The quickest Aussie car we've ever tested, the Walkinshaw W557 hooked up beautifully to reel off an outstanding 0-100km/h time (on regular street tyres at full pressures) and with 557kW/980Nm it has no trouble keeping up that pace.

6. Mercedes-AMG E63 S

0-100km/h 3.75sec 0-400m 11.63sec @ 202.02km/h

There's more to come from the E63 S. On the day we tested it the engine had too little oil and wouldn't allow launch control to be activated, so we filled it up and then it had too much oil. Nonetheless with 450kW/850Nm and all-wheel drive it's an absolute rocket.

5. Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2

0-100km/h 3.55sec 0-400m 11.25sec @ 209.46km/h

The rear-wheel drive Huracan might be the 'baby' of the range, but it's anything but sluggish. Traction is remarkably strong and that howling V10 is a work of art - it will appear again later on this list.

4. Nissan GT-R Nismo

0-100km/h 3.28sec 0-400m 11.19sec @ 203.08km/h

You always have to be careful labelling anything idiot-proof, but the GT-R Nismo is as close as it gets. It reeled off three passes identical to the tenth and while the regular GT-R posted almost identical numbers, the Nismo's extra power made the difference at the top end.

3. Ferrari 488 GTB

0-100km/h 3.30sec 0-400m 11.00sec @ 214.40km/h

In terms of pure acceleration this is the quickest standard production car on this list - check out that trap speed. However, putting all 492kW/760Nm to the ground is difficult from a standing start - launch control is no good - and its roll-on speed is stunning.

2. Audi R8 V10 Plus

0-100km/h 3.18sec 0-400m 10.93sec @ 209.58km/h

Now we're into the 10s. Audi's ultimate supercar reels off ultra-consistent, fuss-free passes singing its sweet V10 song, its brutal 449kW of top-end power putting it at the pointy end of the supercar acceleration podium.

1. Porsche 911 Turbo S

0-100km/h 2.90sec 0-400m 10.7sec @ 212.40km/h

It didn't feel that fast. Sure, the head was pinned to the seat from the ferocity of the launch and the acceleration was as unrelenting as the T1000 from Terminator 2, but a ten-point-seven!!! Staggering speed, staggering car, which is why it's our reigning Performance Car of the Year.


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