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Top 10 Cars with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring

By Tony O'Kane, 08 Oct 2018 Car Advice

Top 10 Cars with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring

Here are the most popular models in Australia that boast the latest smartphone mirroring capabilities

For better or worse, smartphones dominate our daily life. Think about how much of your day-to-day doings, both professional and social, rely on that little glass-faced rectangle in your pocket. In fact, the odds are pretty high that you’re reading this article on your phone right now.

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For obvious reasons, there are some areas where phone usage is frowned upon – or straight-up illegal. However, while whipping your phone out during a funeral will forever be in poor taste, smartphone use in cars can be somewhat kosher – provided they’re integrated properly.

Right now, Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay  are the best means of bringing your smartphone’s internet-enabled functionality to your car (head here to learn more). However, it’s far from universal. In fact, the majority of the top-10 best-selling cars in Australia right now don’t have either system available.

To help those looking for the ability to bring some internet-enhanced infotainment to their next new car without having to splurge on something from the prestige end of the market, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most popular cars in Australia right now that feature either Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or both, ranked in order of sales for the month of September.

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Note, however, that this list is subject to change. Mazda has started rolling out smartphone mirroring available on its models – starting with the CX-9 – however it has yet to announce timing for the Mazda 3, which is a fixture of the top-10 bestsellers list.   

1. Ford Ranger

Ford’s top-selling vehicle brings smartphone mirroring functionality, but only on the higher-grade XLT and Wildtrak models. Basically, if the Ranger variant you’re looking at doesn’t have an 8-inch touchscreen display running Ford’s latest SYNC3 infotainment system, it won’t have smartphone mirroring either.

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2. Hyundai i30

It might have been outsold by the Toyota Corolla last month, but Hyundai’s small hatchback has two things that the Corolla lacks: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard. It means that even if all you can afford is the base model $19,990 i30 Go, you can still enjoy the utility of satellite navigation and the convenience of voice-activated functions, provided you’ve got a compatible phone.

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3. Mitsubishi ASX

Neither Apple CarPlay nor Android Auto existed back when the current-generation ASX first went on sale. In fact Mitsubishi’s now eight-year-old small SUV is actually twice as old those modern smartphone mirroring systems, however successive technology upgrades have kept the ASX up-to-date in terms of connectivity. A seven-inch touchscreen display is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay from the base ES grade and up, allowing the aging ASX to stay somewhat current against fresher-faced rivals.

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4. Mitsubishi Triton

Like Ford, Mitsubishi also takes care of its tradie customers by equipping its Triton utility with smartphone mirroring. Mitsubishi’s approach is a little more generous than Ford’s, though, with all models across both the Club Cab and Dual Cab bodystyles getting Android Auto and CarPlay. If you’re looking at a single-cab variant, however, you’re out of luck – as a bare-bones workhorse, that bodystyle misses out on a more fully-featured infotainment package, and makes do with basic Bluetooth.

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5. Kia Cerato

Kia’s mainstay model, the Cerato, is another smartphone-friendly vehicle, though there’s a catch. While all models in the all-new sedan range, which arrived earlier this year, boast Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, the hatchback only offers it as standard on Sport grade and above.

You can opt for it in the base Cerato S hatch at extra cost, however it’s worth noting that the newer Cerato Sedan boasts an 8.0-inch touchscreen while the older hatch makes do with a 7-incher.

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6. Hyundai Kona

Satellite navigation and an 8.0-inch colour display are standard the Kona Active, Elite and Highlander, but those opting for the recently-introduced Kona Go (which entered the range in August) can still get a richer infotainment experience through the car’s standard-issue Android and Apple smartphone mirroring capability – which is also available on the higher grades as well.

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7. Subaru Forester

As the newest vehicle on this list it’s no surprise to see the Forester boasting mirroring tech as standard for both Apple and Android phones, though it’s worth noting that screen size varies depending on model. The base 2.0i and 2.0i-L have a 6.5-inch touchscreen, while a bigger 8.0-inch screen features in the 2.0i Premium and top-grade 2.0i-S. All cars have smartphone mirroring; you’ll just have to squint a little harder on the lower grades.

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8. Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen’s Golf is blessed with a slick infotainment system from the get-go, and all models receive the same 8.0-inch colour touch screen. The downside is integrated satellite navigation, media storage and voice controls don’t become standard-fit unless you step up to the mid-grade 110TSI Comfortline (a $29K proposition). Thankfully, all Golfs come equipped with smartphone mirroring as standard, and both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay bring voice commands, sat-nav and compatibility with your favourite music apps with them.

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9. Hyundai Accent

The Accent is getting on in years now, and while Hyundai’s entry-level hatchback is basic to its core, it does at least benefit from a touch of modernity courtesy of smartphone mirroring. Unfortunately it’s only compatible with Apple CarPlay, so drivers with Android devices are left out in the cold.

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10. Kia Sportage

The Sportage was one of the first Kia models to receive CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility in Australia, and all models in the 2018 range feature both as standard.

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