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New rear-engined V10 Batmobile revealed

By Jack Houlihan, 05 Mar 2020 News

New rear-engined V10 Batmobile revealed

The Caped Crusader’s ride has had a gritty rebirth for the latest movie instalment

BASED on the few images already released from Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman, Robert Pattinson’s version of the masked vigilante is a dark and gritty one – even more so than Christian Bale’s moody take in the acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy.

Set images leaked last year showed a realistic armoured costume and a blacked-out motorcycle with little more than a shaped fairing to reflect its ownership.

Now, Reeves has posted three images to Twitter of the newest Batmobile.

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new batmobile

Naturally, the images are dark and foreboding, so it’s tough to tell what (if anything) the bodywork is based on. However, its 70s muscle-car styling is clear, with huge flared guards and a coupe-style beltline. From the rear, the skyward-pointing guards are almost reminiscent of a Porsche 917 race car.

Most interestingly, this Batmobile breaks from recent tradition by using what looks like a V10 engine in place of a jet turbine. The rear-mounted donk rests between chassis bracing, suggesting a lightweight spaceframe construction.

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new batmobile

Of course, this isn’t the first major change for the Batmobile. Since his debut in the 1930s, Batman’s daily (or rather nightly) driver has seen many incarnations, most of them black.

Batman vs superman batmobile

Most recently, we saw Ben Affleck drive an alien-looking, gadget-packed version in pursuit of the Man of Steel in Batman v Superman.

Dark Knight trilogy batmobile

In Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Christian Bale’s gravel-voiced crusader roamed the streets of Gotham City in the ‘Tumbler’. Behind the scenes, this machine was fully custom-built, packed a 400hp LS, and steered using fat Hoosier dirt-track tyres. It was also capable of performing huge jumps with an advanced suspension set-up.

1989 batmobile

Tim Burton’s quirky Batman trilogy delivered several designs, with the jet-powered 1989 version standing as an all-time great to fans.

1966 batmobile

Perhaps the most iconic Batmobile remains the twin-cockpit version from the 1966 live-action TV series. Based on a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, it was the first real-world, custom version of the crime-fighting machine. It would appear that Pattinson’s new ride pulls some inspiration from this Batmobile, as it packed a 390ci Ford V8.

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animated batman series batmobile

That’s not to mention the myriad animated interpretations of the car, including The Animated Series’ limo-style Batmobile and Young Justice’s Mercedes CLK GTR-based version.

Here’s hoping the latest Batmobile gets a good workout when The Batman is released in June 2021.